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Artists residency

From May 01 to July 17, 2021


studio u2p050

© u2p050
A residency of the studio u2p050 to explore an agricultural universe where dairy cows and agricultural machinery would have continued to coexist without humans.

With the u2p050 studio, the Avant Galerie Vossen inaugurates its artist residencies within its own gallery.
For a month, artists are invited to invest the gallery to develop their work. The residency ends with 15 days of exhibitions.

During this residence, u2p050 will focus on entangling digital data collected on the farm site with technical tools from the agricultural world. The work will consist in an exploration of this farm-system where everything is intertwined, from the milking machine, through the small calves, to the wind which sweeps the surrounding wheat fields. This approach will show the encounter between machinic affects with the functions of animals in order to question our contemporary condition, which is the one of our occidental civilization exiting from the Neolithic era, of a new redistribution of sets of human / non-human relations, animated / inanimate.