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The artwork is the message

Cypherdudes is a generative art series paying tribute to the Cypherpunk movement, which has been campaigning for the protection of privacy on the Internet since the early 90s and was behind the creation of Bitcoin in 2008.

This series takes up the graphic universe of the character that made FelixFelixFelix famous on the crypto art scene: cryptodude.
A personification of crypto culture, the Cypherdude performs actions that visually translate the expressions and behaviors specific to this ecosystem.

Each work in the series is unique and generated from an algorithm hosted directly on the blockchain. The parameters composing each work are selected from a wide range of elements created individually by the artist and combined randomly.

The work is the message.
Each owner of a work in the series has access to a hidden feature: the ability to inscribe an encrypted message in the work itself. This message can then be decoded by a recipient. In this way, the work becomes a veritable tool at the service of its owner, who, by using it, makes it evolve visually.
The Cypherdude thus becomes the visual witness to the presence of a message, and thus becomes the message's digital security vault.

cypherdudes web site: cypherdudes.com