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From January 09 to May 01, 2021

From Tulip to Crypto Daisy

Allbi, Bananakin, Robbie Barrat, Ronan Barrot, Louise Belin, Bleh, Fernando Botero, Bady Dalloul, Jade Dalloul, DataDada, Norman Harman, Denis Laget, Prosper Legault, Lulu xXX, Albertine Meunier, Denis Monfleur, Mona Oren, Paul Rebeyrolle, Anna Ridler, Robness, Milène Sanchez, Sylvie Tissot

© Bananakin
An exhibition where flowers and the market intermingle

From 17th-century tulipomania to cryptocurrency, the exhibition “From Tulip to Crypto Daisy” focuses on forms of trade, market codes and different forms of art and speculation.
By evoking the speculative market that was the tulip market in the 17th century up to the market linked to crypto-currencies, the exhibition aims to be a marketplace dealing with its different forms of transaction, from the emerging to the accomplished artist, from the classical to the crypto artist.
It brings together works of painters, new media artists but also crypto-artists.

Where is the value of an item? Is it palpable, esteemable? Is it only definable? During the tulip crisis, in the north of the United Provinces, in the middle of the 17th century, a speculative market was racing around the most ephemeral, the most fragile, the most futile, perhaps the most vain object which is: a flower. The tulip, brought back from the Ottoman Empire to the West by European diplomats a few decades earlier, was then enjoying extraordinary success as an ornamental plant.

In order to play with the commercial system and to explain new forms of exchange, the gallery offers the time of this exhibition:
I - The works purchased during the exhibition can be left in deposit, for the duration of the exhibition, to be eventually sold via an auction by another collector
II - Among the exchange currencies accepted at the Avant Galerie Vossen, the euro but also the Ethereum and the Bitcoin
III - A workshop on Saturday from 12 to 1:30 p.m. to better understand crypto-art.

Selected artworks