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From April 20 to May 20, 2023

Landscape, plaster, tape and pixel

Louise Belin, Robin Goldring, Grégoire Hespel, Norman Harman

Rebel Youth © Norman Harman
L'Avant Galerie presents a selection of works with diverse materialities, but all in relation with painting, including the use of the pixel.

This exhibition explores the question of material from different angles, with works made on canvas, on plaster, through image transfers on transparent film and tape, as well as through the use of the digital material of the pixel. Each artist uses his or her preferred material as a unique means of expression.

The use of different materials, such as paint and pixel, highlights the contrasts between these two worlds, while exploring the possibilities offered by their combination. The materiality of paint gives the work a tactile and tangible dimension, while the pixel allows for infinite manipulations and transformations, opening up new creative perspectives.

In sum, this exhibition offers a rich and varied exploration of the material in contemporary art, highlighting the differences and synergies between paint and pixel.