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From December 11, 2021 to January 15, 2022


A Christmas exhibition that we hope will be joyful

Cassius Baron, Robbie Barrat, Ronan Barrot, Louise Belin, Peter Blake, Sam Burton, Gwendal Coulon, Enora Denis, Grégoire Hespel, Prosper Legault, Julien Levesque, luluxXX, Clémentine Mélois, Albertine Meunier, Mushbuh, Josef Ofer, Pierpaolo, PuffRugs, Milène Sanchez, Antonio Segui, Stephenong, Systaime, U2P050

Julien Levesque


From September 23 to October 31, 2021

Dialogues around obsession

A curation by Dominique Moulon

Geneviève Asse, Grégory Chatonsky, Caroline Delieutraz, Sam Szafran

Photo : GCB/J. L. Losi © Adagp, Paris, 2021

Window Display

From July 26 to September 22, 2021

Vos datas à l'œil

A display showcase of Albertine Meunier and the Collectif DataDada created especially for the summer on the subject of data and GAFA; an extra pastiche by Bertrand Lavier

Albertine Meunier, Collectif DataDada

© Avant Galerie

Artists residency

From May 01 to July 17, 2021


A residency to explore an agricultural universe where dairy cows and agricultural machinery would have continued to coexist without humans

studio u2p050

© studio u2p050


From January 09 to May 01, 2021

From Tulip to Crypto Daisy

An exhibition where flowers and the market intermingle

Allbi, Bananakin, Robbie Barrat, Louise Belin, Bleh, Fernando Botero, Bady Dalloul, Jade Dalloul, DataDada, Enora Denis, Norman Harman, Denis Laget, Prosper Legault, Lulu xXX, Albertine Meunier, Denis Monfleur, Mona Oren, Paul Rebeyrolle, Anna Ridler, Robness, Milène Sanchez, Sylvie Tissot

© Bananakin

Window Display

From October 19, 2020 to January 08, 2021

DataDada in the land of the speculative bubble

A surprising and interactive exhibition by DataDada art Collective made up of interactions, technological surprises and useless things


© DataDada


From February 07–11, 2019

Infinite Skulls

For an hour, you will discover the click market with Judith Rochfeld.
This conference is organised bAn exceptional encounter between a contemporary painter and an artist, researcher in artificial intelligence

Robbie Barrat, Ronan Barrot

© Avant Galerie