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From June 20 to July 13, 2024

La Collection idéale de JFD

Mathieu Adam, Jean-Michel Alberola, Emmanuelle Amsellem, Barrat/Barrot, Ronan Barrot, Hanna Ben-Dov, Peter Blake, Jean-Charles Blais, François Boisrond, Pierre Bonnard, Fritz Bornstück, Benoît de Brettes, Franck Claudon, Nathalie Correia, Gustave Courbet, Ziad Dalloul, Nicole Denoit, José Louis Deransart, Damien Deroubaix, James Ensor, Jean-Michel Fauquet, Olivia Ferrand, Norman Harman, Grégoire Hespel, David Hockney, Jonas Jeppesen, Oan Kim, Denis Laget, Dany Lartigue, Eugène Leroy, David Levine, André Marfaing, Maryan, André Masson, Albertine Meunier, Bernard Michel, Myriam Mihindou, Hélène Milakis, Denis Monfleur, Pedro Moreno Meyerhoff, Alice Morlon, Yvon Ngassam, Josef Ofer, Mona Oren, Michel Potage, Paul Rebeyrolle, Robness, Jean Simon Roch, Maurice Rocher, Antoine de Roux, Julie Safirstein, Antonio Segui, Hilvy Soh, Isao Sujiyama, Sam Szafran, Pierre Tal Coat, Katherine Tisné, Jérôme Tisné, Paul Toupet, Gérard Traquandi, Jacques Truphémus, Thierry Vaubourguin

Untitled, 1966, Gouache on paper, 41 x 31 cm, , 1966 © Maryan
Collection - a collection of objects
Ideal - that which would give perfect satisfaction to the aspirations of the heart or mind

As an art lover, I accumulate works of art that are attached to me like the objects evoked by Lamartine, without any concern for their quality or expected price.
If I hadn't met Claude Bernard, who was a caring mentor to me, I would have stayed far away from the world of the art dealer, where small and large collectors frolic, and my artistic environment would have continued to be gently enamelled according to the wind.
With Claude, the catalogue of the possible grew and it was obviously with him that I made my first gallery purchase: a gouache on paper by Maryan, the painter he had introduced me to and made me love.
This was followed by a regular visit to the Galerie Claude Bernard and my meeting with Caroline Vossen, his faithful assistant, who knew how to turn my enthusiastic discoveries into unreasonable purchases. Far from resenting her, I was delighted to follow her on her new adventure at Avant Galerie, where, accompanied by Albertine Meunier, they too expanded my catalogue, opening my eyes to the new horizon of digital art without ever distancing me from my past loves.
Today, Caroline and Albertine welcome the trace of my modest journey as an amateur... still not a collector.