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Exhibition Outside, at Librairie Métamorphoses

From May 25 to July 15, 2023


Kevin ABOSCH, Mark AMERIKA, Kate ARMSTRONG, Robbie BARRAT, Lillian-Yvonne BERTRAM, Christian BÖK, Ana Maria CABALLERO, CEGZ.Project, Joe DEVLIN, Adam DISBROW, Emily EDELMAN, Franny CHOI x Alida SUN, Ross GOODWIN, Herbert W. Franke x VOICEGEMS, Kalen IWAMOTO x Julien SILVANO, Laura KERR, Alison KNOWLES, Diana LOBO, Drew MAILEN, Mieke MARPLE, Vera MOLNAR, Nick MONTFORT, Astra PAPACHRISTODOULOU, Ronnie ANGEL POPE x Connie BAKSHI, Sasha STILES, Agnès THURNAUER, Tina CHANG x Emily EDELMAN, Bernar VENET, aurèce vettier, Victoria CHANG x Alexandra CROUWERS, Victoria CHANG x Dianna FRID, Roy VORAGEN

Lettre de ma mère 87 © Vera MOLNAR
An exhibition curated by theVERSEverse in collaboration with L' Avant Galerie and la Librairie Métamorphoses

In October-November 2022, the l’Avant Galerie Vossen organized POÈME OBJKT, the project’s first phase featuring the founding members of the poetic and artistic collective, theVERSEverse, and some artist-poet friends (aurèce vettier, Ross Goodwin, Ian Monk, Jason Sholl, Campbell McGrath and Robness). The exhibition focused on this movement and its connections to a contemporary art world grappling with AI, NFTs, and new creative digital practices.

In POÈME SBJKT, presented in the summer of 2023 as part two of what is now a diptych, the focus broadens to encompass poetry and writing generated (or augmented) by AI. The event takes place at the Librairie galerie Métamorphoses – a bookstore-gallery whose interests lie squarely at the intersection of writing and the arts, and who, for the first time, under the guidance of theVERSEverse and l’Avant Galerie Vossen, are addressing generated poetry and its visual extensions.

This gathering of poet-artists and artist-poets whose works question, subvert and (re)generate language, allows us to grasp new media’s considerable contribution to a contemporary writing that blurs boundaries – between poetic subjectivity and digital materiality, art and literature, space and spirit, value and sharing – and in so doing, mixes traditional practices with those generated by AI, while giving them longevity via a new medium: the blockchain.

POÈME SBJKT is viewable online and recorded on-chain with exhibited.at

A catalog will be published at that occasion.

Exhibition at Librairie Métamorphoses, 17 rue Jacob, 75006 Paris

Selected artworks