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From April 07–07, 2023



On the occasion of the entry of ROBNESS in the New Media collection of the Centre Pompidou, the Avant Galerie presents a selection of emblematic works.

'This is unprecedented: the National Museum of Modern Art has just brought into the collection its first NFTs (Non Fungible Token, or 'non-fungible token'), as well as a set of digital works dealing with the relationship between blockchain ( or 'block chain') and artistic creation. Among the thirteen artists selected in this ambitious acquisition project, we find' ROBNESS.

ROBNESS is a multifaceted self-taught artist living in Los Angeles, in California. He is one of the first to experiment and participate in the emergence of art in the blockchain world. Participating in the oft-ignored but essential global Rarepepe trading network, he began to perceive early iterations and proof-of-concepts that disrupted the mainstream art world through the use of Ethereum smart contracts and NFT culture ( Non-Fungible Token).

Also a controversial figure, he is one of two well-known artists removed from the Superrare.com gallery for creating the '64 GALLON TOTER' which challenged notions of copyright and its relevance in the context of blockchain culture in general.

ROBNESS is known in the crypto art world for its ever-changing styles and ability to regularly take aesthetic risks. He curated the Trash art exhibition at Avant Galerie Vossen in 2022.