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From January 30 to February 25, 2024


Ronan Barrot, avec une intervention de Robbie Barrat

Detail of an unfinished painting . Ronan Barrot
From post esquisse to painting

A painter hesitates, gives up, searches and sometimes bugs, gets stuck or unblocks. Can artificial intelligence be a tool in this painting process?
In 2019, Robbie BARRAT, digital artist, and Ronan BARROT, painter, dialogued in a first INFINITE SKULLS exhibition. Robbie learned about painting and Ronan met the 'machine'.

Five years have passed, Robbie BARRAT and Ronan BARROT have aged, the questions are the same. Now, Robbie uses A.I. as a creative tool rather than a research tool, and Ronan continues to paint.
But what to make of these painting images generated by artificial intelligence programs? Do they still need to be corrected by the painter? Are they a possible source of inspiration?

For this second encounter, POST ESQUISSES focuses particularly on questions of painting.
One of the works in the exhibition features a landscape created by Robbie from an altarpiece of 48 Ronan skulls.
Ronan, the painter, is dissatisfied and intervenes.
The post esquisse can then become a painting.

Selected artworks