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From March 14–30, 2024



Stella Mundi . 2024 © Stellabelle
Exhibition organized by ZELECTRIC, curation space operating on different NFT platforms associated with a physical space, L'Avant Galerie Vossen, Paris.

Stellabelle is a pioneer in the crypto art movement. She founded Slothicorn, one of the first creative commons crypto art collectives in 2017 on the Steem blockchain. Jason Bailey wrote about Stellabelle in his 2018 article, Blockchain Artists Wanted. Her art has been exhibited in New York, Paris, Saudi Arabia and Kansas City. She was a speaker at the first Historic NFT Fest and the NON-NFT Summit.
She exhibited her art and participated in the 2018 Decentralized Art Show in Austin, Texas. At this time Stellabelle was influenced by Coin Artist (Marguerite de Courcelle) who invented the Bitcoin puzzle art genre. In 2020 Stellabelle began minting crypto art and in 2021 she created CryptoStellas, her satirical art collection on Ethereum. CryptoStellas was born during the 10K PFP apocalypse, the year when NFTs broke into the mainstream. For Stellabelle this time was both a blessing and a curse, as scammers, VCs, Hollywood celebs and other vultures descended onto the crypto art scene and began siphoning off as much money as possible via low-grade, cheesey PFP collections and rugpulls. Stellabelle perfectly expresses the devastating impact of greed culture in CryptoStella #166: Hollywood’s Soulless Vehicles…. “Imagine a WAGMI Empire in which a few kings create an elaborate and complex financial network composed of investment vehicles that are soulless.”
By late 2021 the rebellious and idealistic culture of crypto art outsiders, visionaries and nerds of which Stellabelle is part, had become almost completely subsumed by a superficial money culture. Stellabelle began painting portraits of some of the early crypto art visionaries whom she had either met early on or studied: Beatriz Ramos, Judy Mam, Marguerite de Courcelle, Nili Lerner, Artnome, Connie Digital, Josie Bellini, Rhea Meyers, Joe Looney, Eleonora Brizi, Thuy-Tien Vo, Benoit Couty, Rizzle, Colborn Bell and others.
Stellabelle’s art is included in the first comprehensive book that tells the story of the crypto art movement: Crypto Art - Begins by author Andrea Concas and editor Eleonora Brizi.
In 2023 she and a group of artists caused Sotheby’s to cancel its poorly researched all-male “Natively Digital: Glitch-ism” show. Stellabelle witnessed outrage explode on Twitter by prominent female glitch artists, many of whom were exploited by Sotheby’s without pay or inclusion in the show. She painted a large physical painting that said, “Fuck Sotheby’s” which was collected by a notable Italian crypto art collector. She filmed herself burning a piece of paper with “Sotheby’s All-Male Glitch Show” written on it and wrote an article that accurately described why Sotheby’s canceled its all-male glitch art show.
In 2022 Stellabelle created a character, Gigatura which has evolved into a sci-fi art project that centers around one woman’s quest to escape a dystopian techno monarchy. Gigatura was inspired by current trends in Ai, a rising authoritarian tech culture and a strong desire for freedom. Gigatura will launch on Tezos in 2024.
Stellabelle’s current artwork explores the themes of WAGMI, the role of Ai, self-portraiture and meme culture.
Stellabelle would like you to launder your money through her art :)