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Window Display

From July 26 to September 22, 2021

Vos datas à l'œil

Albertine Meunier, Collectif DataDada

© Avant Galerie
A display showcase of Albertine Meunier and the Collectif DataDada created especially for the summer on the subject of data and GAFA; an extra pastiche by Bertrand Lavier

Albertine Meunier has been wondering about the subject of data for many years.
The DataDada Manifesto, created on Friday June 13, 2014 by the artists Albertine Meunier and Julien Levesque, expresses their opposition to the transformation of Data as a simple digital fact. They wish to coat, sprinkle, line, style and wrap Data with the influence of the Dada artistic movement.

Like a motto, GAFA TOI! calls out to the passer-by who entrusts his own data to the giants of the Web a little more each day, and indeed gives all their data for free - a pun in French 'data à l'œil'.

DataDada for its part features an observation device with giant eyes looking at the passer-by. In the data world, everything is scrutinized.